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15 minute remote
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Home Safety Assessment with detailed printed evaluation

Research and Procuring of products & equipment
$125 per hour (includes mileage) 

Home Cook
Front Door
Home Electronics

Let's Learn More

We will gather an occupational profile on the client and family or caretakers. This is our opportunity to learn more about you and what needs look like. What are your concerns? Physical or cognitive deficits? How do we keep you safe in your home for the long term and avoid expensive costs relocating?

Identify Risks and Solutions

This step is the bread and butter. We will work alongside you in your home to identify risks, develop a detailed report with solutions and home modifications. You will receive an electronic and printed PDF report. We can connect you with necessary contractors to complete projects. We can act as project managers if desired.

Make Life Easier

Automate the home. Keep GPS tracking of an elderly loved one. Allow a spinal cord injury patient to control their environment through eye or voice control. Help a nonverbal child communicate. Alert EMS if a fall is detected.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals stay safe and independent in their own homes. To use our medical and therapeutic expertise to assess risk. To recommend safe and cost-effective home modifications, safety products, and smart home technology. To demonstrate cost savings of remaining in the home. To educate individuals and caregivers on present and future health concerns which may affect safety at home. 

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About Us

A mother-daughter team, Ann and Emily saw a need for increasing safety at home, and improving the continuum of medical care. Being therapists with Masters degrees, the team want to help keep your loved ones safe, and make the home work for the client. In most cases, risks can be decreased and money saved through safety assessments and home modifications. The team has advanced certifications and knowledge base such as CAPS(certified aging in place professional) and CLIPPS(certified living in place professional) to apply and help you and your family sleep easier at night and save money in the long term. Especially with the COVID-19 outbreak, it is even more important to keep those at risk safe in the home.

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“From the very first conversation, Ann & Emily were friendly and professional. They were clearly knowledgeable about accessibility and aging in place. Their experience as Therapists has given them the skills and the passion for creating safe and appropriate environments for their clients. Their recommendations were comprehensive and detailed. Many of their ideas were new to our contractor. I highly recommend Able Homes to help you create a safe and accessible home. "

Mary Beth Stanley